Emergent Change vs. Planned Change

Lately, I have read a number of notations about ’emergent change vs. planned change’.

I consider the following journal the quintessential and most proficient write-up on ’emergent and planned change’. It brings out the history of change efforts, key distinctions, the issues and the challenges.

Instead of trying to re-do the ‘best’, I offer this write-up with permission from Lucia Garcia Lorenzo, one of the authors of this insightful journal:

Between Planned and Emergent Change: Decision Maker’s Perceptions of Managing Change in Organisations.
Liebhart, Margrit and Garcia-Lorenzo, Lucia (2010)© The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, volume 10, (5). pp. 214-225. ISSN 1447-9524
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Link to journal:


I am grateful to Lucia for her support.
I hope you get much from this astute journal.



About Patrick A. Trottier

25 plus year applied Organizational Development (O.D.) practitioner both in the US and Canada. Presently living in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. Patrick currently is developing the next evolution of O.D. named 'Emergent O.D. and Change' (EODC)™
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